Wedding Flower Wall

Since the glamorous Kardashian wedding, Flower Walls are fast becoming the must have accessory for weddings. Woodyatt Warner venue dressers have created a stunning Flower Wall that can be built up to a huge 9m in length. With over 8000 flowers in the full size wall, this amazing feature will certainly create something of a talking point amongst all your guests.

wedding flower walls

The Flower Wall is created using pre built in 1m squared sections that connect together. With it being so versatile, the wall can be installed in a variety of locations to fit the area.

With a maximum height of 3m, this is an extremely impressive backdrop for your wedding ceremony, reception or even as a photo backdrop in a completely different location for the day. Imagine sitting at the ceremony table signing the wedding register with the Flower Wall behind you? The photos would be one in a million!!

Many Brides choose to use the wall in a similar fashion by having it built behind the top table. Due to its versatility, it doesn’t matter whether you have 4 or 14 guests seated as we can make sure the flower wall is long enough to cover the entire table length.

flower walls cheshire

Our Flower Walls are extremely popular and haver been used at weddings, birthdays parties, christenings and corporate events all over the UK.

To book our flower wall, contact us at with the details of your event including the date and venue booked.

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