Wedding Decoration Ideas

Following on from 2016, we shall see an influx of greenery and flower walls to bring in that rustic charm to the 2017 weddings. Woodyatt Warner are one of the leading wedding companies in the North West that create stunning décor at venues for your wedding, and with an abundance of ideas and a huge amount of experience, we can make sure you have the special day you always wanted.

Every style of venue, whether it be a Marquee, Hotel, Converted Barn or Castle can be decorated covered in as much or little greenery as you want without it looking out of place as it acts as a base to add flowers to, or can simply be left on its own to break up the box effect of rooms.

wedding venue dressing

As can be seen in the pictures below, greenery can provide some great effects, especially on blank canvases such as marquees where it can be used to frame doorways, section areas off, or decorate ceilings.

Having incorporated all these styles into previous weddings, Woodyatt Warner venue dressers are constantly keeping up to date with new and exciting wedding trends for you to bring into the styling of your venue. One of the most effective ways of using greenery for the top table is to take all the décor off the table and have it suspended above you on a hanging display.

By doing this, you free up the space on the table in front of you so there is nothing blocking your view, and more importantly, your photographer can get far better pictures of you during your wedding breakfast. If you don’t have the luxury of a ceiling or beams to hang anything from, a framework can be installed around and above the table to attach the greenery to.

top table decor ideas

Centrepieces are another main factor to the venue dressing, and can be a pivotal role in the overall look. Ceiling height is something to consider, as anything with a high ceiling requires larger centrepieces to fill the space. If this is overlooked and small table centrepieces are used, you may find that the room can look lost.

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