Wedding Décor Ideas

After the excitement of announcing your engagement, it is then time to start thinking about how your wedding day will look. With such a huge variety of ideas and inspiration available, it can be daunting going through endless pictures and trying to piece it all together to be able to visualise the outcome.

As one of the UK’s leading wedding venue dressers, Woodyatt Warner have dressed a wide variety of venues ranging from Medieval Castles to Hotels, Marquees to Village Halls with everything from drapes, flowers, lighting, centrepieces etc. Our experience has proven invaluable in providing ideas to Brides on how to ensure their wedding venue is the perfect setting for the day.

Just by simply adding wall drapes to a room, we can completely transform the entire venue into something completely different. This is a highly effective way of covering any marks on the walls, doorways and unsightly pictures. Whether you prefer plain white drapes of star cloth drapes with the twinkling lights running through them, it is entirely your decision.

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After creating a flower wall that can be built into the framework of the drapes, we are seeing the popularity of the flower wall increasing massively. The wall is built up in 1m squared sections so can be put together into a selection of sizes suitable for your venue. With over 400 flowers for every 1m squared section, this flower wall has a huge impact in any room by amazing your guests with the WOW factor.

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Mood lighting is another successful way of creating that special look, and with our specialist lighting and controller system, the lights can be set to pretty much any colour to suit the colours of your wedding. So if you are looking to spend a minimal amount on a blank canvas venue and have it look just the way you wanted, Woodyatt Warner have the experience and ability to make your dreams come true.

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