Wedding Décor Ideas for 2015

Happy new year to all you happy couples that are looking to get married. With so much to consider for your big day, Woodyatt Warner venue dressers have decided to bring you some of the most sought after trends for the 2015 season.

It seems that 2015 will be much different to the ever popular vintage style of the previous year. We are now seeing an influx of Brides wanting to have the glamorous look, incorporating of lots of glitzy silver venue dressing along with neutral whites and ivory colours for flowers.

Woodyatt Warner have recently created some classy silver themed weddings using a variety of accessories from sequin chair covers and table cloths to a wide range of vases and floral décor.

Silver themed wedding decorations

Soft pastel colours will also feature prominently in the room décor and bridesmaids dresses, as they combine beautifully with the glamorous silver theme.

We will see much more impact by including lots of accessories such as crystals, vases, exquisite glass candle holders and an abundance of candles to create a romantic setting.

Long gone have the days where a standard floral display sits at the front of the top table as glamour and sparkling touches are the new request for the venue dressing.

As you can see from the pictures, chair covers are now becoming increasingly sophisticated as they play a major role of the set up of a complete room transformation. Standard banqueting chairs with plain white or ivory covers and a traditional sash are making way for something far more effective and striking.

Venue dressing with silver

Another addition is the Bridal bouquet. The new season has shown lots of stunning crystals and brooches attached to the flowers to make something look elegant and beautiful. A simple hand tied bouquet with all the accessories can really stand out and add lots of glitz and glamour. Broche Bouquets created the bouquet below.

Silver Bridal bouquets

Combine the bouquet with a simple white dress and your bridesmaids in silver dresses, and all the décor complements itself amazingly well. These dresses by Theia Couture are beautifully designed with stunning precision.

Silver wedding dresses

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