Hanging Wedding Decorations

As we bring in the new year, 2015 promises to be a great one for weddings. As one of the UK’s leading venue dressing companies, Woodyatt Warner venue dressers have some stunning wedding decoration ideas that you will surely want for your big day?

Becoming more and more popular are the “hanging decorations” for adding style and personality to your venue. There is an abundance of ideas that can be incorporated into your venue dressing and where better to start than with paper lanterns.

hanging wedding decorations

With such a wide variety of sizes and colours to choose from, paper lanterns can make any ordinary room look beautiful. To compliment the lanterns, it is a good idea to include drapes to run the length of the ceiling. Together with the lanterns, the drapes with soften up the look of a room and create more of an atmosphere by taking away the box shape of the room where your wedding will be held.

hanging paper lanterns

If you were looking for something a bit more glamorous, why not go for dangling crystals and glass candle holders to cover the ceiling? Whilst this is a painstaking procedure due to the huge amount of décor required, the final result is nothing short of truly amazing. Imagine the lights on the ceiling shining through thousands of dangling crystals and the effect it would have on the entire room?

Your guests would be speechless!

The best style of ceiling for this to work would be a suspended ceiling as we can attach rows upon rows of décor without any visible beams, poles or heavy attachments.

Prime examples are the Baird and Stephenson Suite at Cranage Hall in Cheshire.

Once you have decided upon the ceiling, centrepieces are the next thing to think about. If you are going with all the ceiling décor described above, then table centrepieces are really the only option, however if you choose to either go with a small amount of ceiling décor, or none at all, suspended wedding centrepieces are something to take into consideration.

By hanging things above the table, such as flowers, crystals, candle holders etc. not only do you free up space on the table for all the necessary cutlery, but you fill the space between the tables and the ceiling, which is very often overlooked. All you need to do is add a little something to the table such as candles.

From the pictures you can see the transformation that takes place by utilising hanging decorations.

wedding centrepiece ideas

venue dressers cheshire

This is the perfect way to ensure your wedding is not only unique but something all your guests will be talking about for a long time. Whether your colours are bold or subtle, we can design something specific to fit your style.

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