Flower Walls For Hire

Woodyatt Warner wedding venue dressers have a range of Flower Walls available for any wedding or event. Highly regarded in the industry as one of the leading wedding suppliers in the UK, we pride ourselves on the high quality bespoke creations we make for all our clients.

The flower walls we have designed come in 1m squared sections, making them easy to transport, attach together and also be extremely versatile, allowing us to increase or decrease the standard 6x3m size with minimal effort.

     flower wall hire uk

So whether you are wanting a 2x2m flower wall for your ceremony, or a 3x6m flower wall for an extravagant event, we can provide exactly what you need. Each 1m squared section consists of a mixture of approx. 500 flowers so as to create something not only unique and beautiful, but a once in a lifetime option to have at your wedding or event.

We can incorporate initials or even the company name into the flower wall if you wanted to really impress?

For hire details, costs and specifications, contact us at info@woodyattwarner.com

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