Flower Wall Backdrops

Flower walls are a very effective way of adding the WOW factor to any wedding, the only downside to having one is the enormous cost involved. At Woodyatt Warner venue dressers we have an alternative and very cost effective way of creating the same feel but using a different method to the Kim and Kanye version.

This 6m long flower wall backdrop consists of over 10000 flowers and is available to hire.

Flower wall hire for weddings

We can customise the floral backdrop so as to combine with your colour scheme so you will be the only person to ever have it, or a cheaper option would be to hire a ready made version.

Compared to the tens of thousands of pounds for a full flower wall, our prices start from as little as £300. We can make anything from 3m in length upwards. Imagine having all the walls of your venue draped in white satin and decorated with the floral wall look?

For details contact us at info@woodyattwarner.com

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