Floral Arches

Trends in the wedding industry are ever changing, but the wedding arch is always something that will stay. These stunning decorative items can be created in may different designs to suit both colour schemes and budgets.

Woodyatt Warner venue dressers have designed various styles of arches to work with both the seasons of the year and the theme of the wedding. Each of the arches are individually made using either a round, or a square top and built up using a base of thick seasonal foliage, then filled with huge amounts of flowers to create the end product.

The Spring themed square top floral arch is perfect for framing doorways either at home or around entrance doors to your venue. This particular arch boasts pastel shades of pink, purple, light blues, whites, ivory and small touches of red spring flowers and is an extremely effective way of adding the wow factor to your wedding.

The colourful Summer themed floral arch is made using a round top and reaches 10ft in height, so leaving plenty of room to stand under for photos. This style arch is very popular to have for wedding ceremonies for the Bride and Groom to stand under whilst taking their wedding vows. It is highly decorated with lots of bright, colourful flowers ranging from hydrangeas, roses, lily’s, orchids and peonies to foxgloves, stocks, gerberas and dahlias.

We then come to the Autumnal arch. A stunning display of those ever present warm colours of the fall. The thick foliage of the arch is covered in the red, gold, brown, orange and yellow colours complete with touches of pampas grass to create that spectacular look. Something that is very popular during the Autumn months and brings that extra focal point to any venue no matter where it is installed.

All these arches can be made using any colours whether you choose to go with a bright coliurful design or something simple and elegant using just neutral white and green colours. Either way, we can work to your preference. Just drop us an email to info@woodyattwarner.com with your ideas and we can make the arch perfect for you.

~ by admin on December 15, 2020.