Merrydale Manor Venue Dressers

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As a leading North West based wedding company, Woodyatt Warner spend many weekends at both Colshaw Hall and their sister venue Merrydale Manor. Based in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, these stunning venues are seen as two of the most sought after locations for weddings and events.

With such demand from couples wanting to hold their wedding at either one of the venues, we find ourselves decorating all areas from the ceremony barns, to the wedding breakfast and evening reception with a variety of decor to suit any style and budget.

The ceremony barn is a beautiful timber framed room with long windows allowing plenty of daylight to flood in. The beams are perfect to decorate in a variety of flowers and foliage, or even soft white draping. All of which will create the wow factor you want on your wedding day. Include your table centrepieces along either side of the aisle to finish the room off in style. Then the centrepieces can be simply transferred over to the guest tables for the wedding breakfast allowing you to reuse all the decor you have and keep the theme of the day running throughout.

All our decor is designed specifically for you, as no two weddings are ever the same. We have an abundance of choice when deciding up on your preferred style, colours and budgets, and have everything available for you to see. If you wanted to come and have a chat, go through ideas and see the decor yourself before making any decisdions, drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to help.

Venue Dressers Cheshire

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Woodyatt Warner venue dressers are a North West based award winning wedding company specializing in styling venues all over the Cheshire area and beyond.

With a huge amount of experience and knowledge in the wedding industry, we can provide you with invaluable expertise when choosing the right style of decor that will be unique for both you and the surroundings of your chosen venue.

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We have done weddings in all sorts of venues ranging from Stately Homes, to Castles, Converted Barns, Marquees, Social Clubs and Sporting Venues to name a few. Each one have their own individual style that requires specific touches to add that wow factor to the room.

By covering the walls in twinkling star cloth draping we can completely transform any venue into a stunning setting that would be unrecognizable once inside. This is a perfect way to decorate areas such as village halls, sports venues and even Barns, although it can be pretty much used anywhere.

We maintain a high standard of decor ranging from flowers, centrepieces, room draping, lighting effects, table linen, dance floors, flower walls, neon signs, light up letters and more. All of which allows you to get everything from under one roof. We create centrepieces for each individual wedding and have a range of centrepieces for all occasions.

Woodyatt Warner have those extra little touches that will also add the sparkle to your wedding with things like the Prosecco Wall, postboxes for your gifts and cards, floral archways, beautiful hanging neon signs, and a variety of flower walls. All of which can really have your guests talking. To contact us about your wedding, send us an email to with the details of your wedding and any information you may find relevant, and we will be more than happy to create the perfect scene for your big day.

Wedding Table Flowers

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When planning your wedding and going through all the details of the wedding reception, your table arrangements are key to creating that specific look you are going for. Woodyatt Warner venue dressers design a wide range of floral displays for the tables at your wedding reception.

Whether you go for simple and elegant or bright and colourful, there are an abundance of options available. Seasonal colours can often play a big part in the flowers used, along with the colour of the bridesmaids dresses and bouquets. There is a lot to bear in mind when deciding upon the centrepieces for your tables, but with a huge amount of experience and knowledge built up over ten years in the industry, Woodyatt Warner can provide you with some ideas and suggestions that can be extremely beneficial.

From the centrepieces on this page you can see not only the difference in size and shape, but also the difference in colour, and how the vase or stand the displays are added to can make such an impact on the overall look. Table cloths can also add that extra dimension to really bring in texture and warmth to a room with all the tables in.

All our centrepieces are created using artificial flowers. Over the years they have become more and more popular to use as centrepieces rather than fresh flowers due to their cost and just how life like they now are compared to 5 years ago.

Feel free to contact us at with your ideas and style, and we will be more than happy to guide you when deciding upon your flowers for the tables. You want to get this right, as most f your day will be spent sat around the tables for your wedding breakfast and these floral displays will be all around you.

Wedding Venue Dressing

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Decorating your wedding venue is an integral part of the day and award winning venue dressers, Woodyatt Warner have a huge amount of experience in creating and styling so as to provide you with that dream wedding you have always wanted.

Everything from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception and also the party in the evening is to be taken into consideration when deciding upon how you want to decorate the venue. Take into account the actual venue itself when deciding considering your options. If you have booked a stately home for your wedding, then to cover the walls with draping takes away the whole essence of having that grandeur and historical element of the stately home.

Marquees are a good option if you are undecided about a venue, as they are extremely versatile and the perfect blank canvas to decorate in whatever style and colours you have your heart set on. They are used for every part of your wedding from the ceremony all the way through to the end of the night so you keep all your guests in the one area.

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Whichever venue you decide upon, Woodyatt Warner have pretty much covered them all and can show you what can be achieved with our knowledge and expertise in the industry, of which has led us to many awards and notable achievements from the work we have done over the last ten years.

If you want that dream wedding set up, by all means contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you.

Colshaw Hall Weddings

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Set in Peover, in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside lies Colshaw Hall. Woodyatt Warner venue dressers provide a wide array of decor for weddings at this stunning wedding venue for happy couples on their big day.

From the ceremony barn to the Pavilion and to the wedding breakfast in the Peel Suite, we have everything you would ever need to make the venue look perfect for your wedding day. The ceremony barn is the ideal location for your wedding ceremony and provides you with a great setting to decorate in a huge amount of different ways. With its stone floor and bare wooden beams we can transform it into a dream ceremony set up.

The Pavilion acts as the drinks reception area and this is where your guests will go after the ceremony has finished, so adding in touches of decor to this area keeps the flow of the wedding running nicely. Your cards and gifts will be kept in the Pavilion where a table will be set up for wedding post boxes, gift boxes or similar depending on your style. You can even add in our huge 3m tall wishing tree, or an extra centrepiece for the drinks table.

blossom tree hire cheshire

Moving onto the Peel Suite where you will be seated for the wedding breakfast. This beautiful room is where you will spend most of the day and evening when the party gets going. The decor for this room can be pretty much anything you want as it is a blank canvas to work with. The bare brick walls and neutral colours around the room mean any style of decor blends in perfectly. So your centrepieces, top table design, lighting and extra decor can be as bright and colourful as you want, or simply stick to elegant and neutral. The choice is yours.

Having worked at Colshaw Hall on many weddings, we have the knowledge and experience to create something that both you and your guests will always remember. For further information on the decor we can provide, contact us at

Floral Arches

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Trends in the wedding industry are ever changing, but the wedding arch is always something that will stay. These stunning decorative items can be created in may different designs to suit both colour schemes and budgets.

Woodyatt Warner venue dressers have designed various styles of arches to work with both the seasons of the year and the theme of the wedding. Each of the arches are individually made using either a round, or a square top and built up using a base of thick seasonal foliage, then filled with huge amounts of flowers to create the end product.

The Spring themed square top floral arch is perfect for framing doorways either at home or around entrance doors to your venue. This particular arch boasts pastel shades of pink, purple, light blues, whites, ivory and small touches of red spring flowers and is an extremely effective way of adding the wow factor to your wedding.

The colourful Summer themed floral arch is made using a round top and reaches 10ft in height, so leaving plenty of room to stand under for photos. This style arch is very popular to have for wedding ceremonies for the Bride and Groom to stand under whilst taking their wedding vows. It is highly decorated with lots of bright, colourful flowers ranging from hydrangeas, roses, lily’s, orchids and peonies to foxgloves, stocks, gerberas and dahlias.

We then come to the Autumnal arch. A stunning display of those ever present warm colours of the fall. The thick foliage of the arch is covered in the red, gold, brown, orange and yellow colours complete with touches of pampas grass to create that spectacular look. Something that is very popular during the Autumn months and brings that extra focal point to any venue no matter where it is installed.

All these arches can be made using any colours whether you choose to go with a bright coliurful design or something simple and elegant using just neutral white and green colours. Either way, we can work to your preference. Just drop us an email to with your ideas and we can make the arch perfect for you.

Venue Dressing

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Woodyatt Warner are a Manchester based venue dressing company for weddings and events. We cover all types of events across the North West and beyond. Anything from weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, christenings and much more.

With ten years experience in the industry and a wide range of awards achieved for the work we have done, we continue to create designs for happy couples on their wedding day that are perfect for their theme.

There are many aspects to consider when dressing your wedding venue. You have to take into account the build of the venue itself!!!!! Are you getting married in a stately home, a marquee, converted barn or a hotel as a few examples. All of which require a different style to create that perfect set up.

A marquee is an ideal venue if you have a varied colour scheme, or lots of decor to add in as it provides a blank canvas to work on so is extremely versatile compared to the likes of the grandeur of a stately home where you may find decor is very limited to match the surroundings.

Converted Barns provide a rustic element and can be decorated in a wide range of ideas to make use of the entire venue. Wooden beams can be covered with flowers, foliage and lighting to add to the table centrepieces. This creates a very unique and stunning setting for any wedding.

Woodyatt Warner have decorated such a wide and varied amount of venues across the North West and with all the knowledge we have gained over the years, we can help you along the way with suggestions and designs that will compliment your own personal taste.

Feel free to contact us at with the details of your wedding, and we will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Wedding Centrepieces

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Woodyatt Warner venue dressers specialize in creating stunning table centrepieces for weddings and events. We cover all over the North West and beyond, providing our venue dressing service to happy couples on their big day.

Every wedding is unique and different, so we take your style into account when giving you ideas as to what works best on your tables to keep the theme running throughout.

Our brides often ask us to make bespoke centrepieces for their own wedding, of which we are more than happy to do, as this allows us to show our creative side. However, we have an abundance of centrepieces that we can simply add to your tables that we have in stock ready to go. Everyone has their own style and theme, so whether you are going for the weird and wacky, neutral yet elegant, or bright and vibrant, we have everything for you.

These are just a few of the centrepieces we have created for weddings and events. If you have ideas of your own and wish to ask us to create them, by all means contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.

2021 Weddings

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Due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding the wedding industry with everything on lockdown during 2020, Woodyatt Warner venue dressers are looking forward to 2021 to bring in new styles, stunning décor and a wide range of ideas to really enhance your wedding day.

Trees are very much still in the forefront on style for weddings, and with our huge array of styles ranging from white and blush blossom trees, to wisteria and even bright colourful autumnal trees, we can provide something for all seasons. Not only the style, but sizes and shapes of trees are more and more popular. Taking that into account, Woodyatt Warner have trees to suit any venue, whether it be a huge grand stately home with high ceilings, or a Hotel with low level ceilings.

From standard 6ft to a taller 10ft trees, overhanging canopy trees and 10ft heart shaped trees, there is a choice for all.

Hopefully after this years disappointment, there will be plenty of bright colours on show in 2021 to really bring a spark back into weddings, and there are plenty of ideas that can create a vibrant atmosphere around wedding venues, from décor at the ceremony, table centrepieces and other features, that can be made to fit the venue, such as decorating stair cases, hanging floral displays from beams and even going all out on the top table to really add the wow factor to the wedding.

As one of the North West’s highly recommended wedding companies, we travel all over the region and beyond, and cover a huge amount of different wedding venues, to create dream wedding set ups for couples. With such a large amount of experience, we can point you in the right direction when it with tips and ideas so as to ensure your wedding day will be remembered forever.

Your ceremony plays a big part of your day, and having something unique and exquisite to have for those pictures of you signing the register is fast becoming a very sought after idea. Whether you choose to go with flowers, candles, or something completely unique and spectacular like a floral pagoda, noon gate hoop, heart or archway, Woodyatt Warner have everything you can think of and can style them in colours to match your wedding colour scheme.

From the ceremony to the wedding breakfast, the décor changes, and those table centrepieces take the stage. Whether you are looking for something elegant, understated and small, or tall with a huge impact in the room, we have plenty of styles and centrepieces to choose from. All of which we would tie in, so as to keep the theme and flow running from the ceremony.

Feel free to contact us at if you are looking for inspiration and guidance. We are happy to help you.

Black Friday Wedding Deals

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Its that time of year again and we have some incredible offers with prices reduced 50% on centrepieces, blossom trees, moongate hoops, wall draping and much much more. You can save a huge amount of money with these deals, so don’t delay!!!!

To take advantage of this offer email us at with the date, and venue booked for the wedding along with your decor ideas and we will do the rest at fantastic prices for you.

A small 10% deposit is required to confirm the booking upon confirmation

The slideshow consists of a 7ft wide hanging floral hoop, both white and blush 3m tall blossom hearts, freestanding 3m tall blossom trees, 1.8m table blossom trees, a moongate hoop, framed foliage arch, a selection of stunning centrepieces, star cloth wall draping, décor for the staircase, and a top table framed display. However, there is much more we can do to make your wedding day special.