Carden Park Wedding Venue Dressing

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Congratulations to Elen and Joseph on their wedding at Carden Park in Chester. Elen was keen to work with us at Woodyatt Warner to provide the venue dressing in the Shooting Lodge for her wedding reception, after coming over to see us set up for a previous wedding in the same room.

carden park weddings

With Elen’s initial ideas we were able to provide some suggestions as to bring the WOW factor to the wedding of which would completely transform the Shooting Lodge.

Having worked on numerous weddings at Carden Park, we have a huge amount of knowledge as to what works well, and what doesn’t in both the Carden Suite and Shooting Lodge. Both Elen and Joseph were impressed and excited to have us on board to create something unique for their big day.

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The Shooting Lodge has a distinctive bold look with its deep red carpet and curtains, and dark wooden beams running across the ceiling so to soften up the look, we draped over the beams on the ceiling from one end of the room to the other, then added a substantial amount of hanging lights and glass globes filled with candles for a subtle lighting effect.

For the top table we created a stunning suspended display that would hang above the table. By doing this, it allows for much greater space on the table and doesn’t obstruct the view, whilst providing a special touch to the room. More candles were hung from the display to add that romantic feel.

shooting lodge wedding

By introducing coloured up lighting around the room, it set the scene for a perfect wedding reception.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, there is a complete transformation to the Shooting Lodge.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable company with all the experience of a huge amount of wedding venues, feel free to contact us at and we will be able to guide you along the way.

Carden Park weddings

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Woodyatt Warner were at Carden Park again to dress the Carden Suite for Emma’s big day. As one of Cheshire’s leading wedding venue dressers, we find “Brides to be” are contacting us to create something special for their wedding after seeing the work we have done previously.

With a choice of either the larger modern Carden Suite, or the smaller Shooting Lodge with its wooden beam ceiling, there is a complete contrast of styles to choose from.

carden park weddings

Emma decided upon the Carden Suite for her wedding reception and met us at a previous wedding we were doing in the same room a year before to go through her ideas and colour schemes. The decision was to include slight touches of teal colours into the wedding without it being too overpowering.

By softening up the look of the chair covers with our ivory ruffled hoods and finishing them off with a teal rose, they brought about different style rather than the standard bows. The centrepiece displays included a mixture of ivory and teal roses, peonies and lily’s in a large amount of mixed foliage and were placed upon two different style centrepieces  of which were crystal chandeliers and tall silver style stemmed stands.

wedding venue dressing

By doing this, it created a slightly different look to the room rather than having every table looking the same.

The top table was then covered in a silver sequin table cloth and fully decorated from one end to the other with a selection of large and small pillar candles in a variety of vases and crystal candle holders. Small votives filled with teal roses were included to bring in the colour of the wedding to the table to finish it off.

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Draping and Lighting

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Woodyatt Warner are a leading venue dressing company based in South Manchester, yet we find ourselves once again travelling further afield to North Wales, to completely transform a wedding venue after being contacted by a wedding planner working on behalf of their clients.

Llanarmon is a hidden gem of a village, set in the middle of nowhere as though lost in time. Surrounded with rolling hills of the Welsh countryside, this is one place you would never even know existed. With the Bride and Groom living in Bristol but wanting a venue close to their parents in Wrexham of which they could put their own ideas in place with how to decorate it, LLanarmon village hall was the perfect place.

wedding draping

The couple then put their ideas to a local wedding planner to have their desired effect achieved whilst they could concentrate on their day to day life without any of the stress involved. Jenene Craven wedding planner from “The Finest Detail” proceeded to contact us after seeing our previous work transforming all sorts of different venues with amazing results.

The idea was to cover the walls and ceiling, then introduce some lighting to work with the colour scheme of the wedding. After providing some different solutions to the décor, the decision was to go with the star cloth wall drapes, ceiling drapes and up lighting set to a blue glow. For outside the hall, we installed festoon lighting in the willow tree and along the decking area to create a nice atmospheric light for the evening.

village halls wrexham

As you can see from the before and after pictures of the hall, using draping and lighting effects can change the look of a venue so much, you wouldn’t even realise it was the same place. For details on how we can turn your wedding venue into a fairytale wedding setting, contact us at

Shankly Hotel Weddings

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As one of the North West’s leading venue dressers, Woodyatt Warner were once again in Liverpool to add that special touch, this time for Kate’s wedding at the Shankly Hotel on the rooftop terrace.

The wedding reception took place in the Garden of Eden, of which is the ultimate rooftop wedding venue. With unrestricted views across the city of Liverpool and beyond, this one of a kind venue offers the most stunning backdrop to your big day.

venue dressers liverpool

The rooftop will take your breath away with its location. With the ability to accommodate up to 120 guests, you’re sure to have a memorable day like no other. The Garden of Eden consists of beautiful 360-degree glass exterior, outdoor terrace area and two private bars to top your wedding day off perfectly.

wedding venue dressers

Having worked all over the North West, we pride ourselves on creating wonderful weddings for couples looking for the once in a lifetime memory.

On this occasion the Bride came to see us recently at the Titanic Hotel, also in Liverpool, where we were setting up for another wedding, to see the stunning blossom trees we have, and immediately fell in love with the look of them.

Not only do we have these 6ft trees in pink, but also in white with a canopy tree that stands to the side of the top table and branches out above it so as to create an overhead look with all the blossom and branches. These trees are completely unique, as they were made specifically for us and contain a huge amount of blossom compared to some of the other trees available.

For information on venue dressing, and how we can create that special effect for your wedding day, contact us at for details.


Flower Walls

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As one of the North West’s leading wedding venue dressers, Woodyatt Warner have built our very own unique flower walls that are available to hire throughout the UK.

The flower walls we have range in size from a standard 3x2m, of which is perfect as a backdrop for small group photos, all the way up to a huge 9m long wall of which can be used to cover walls behind a top tables at weddings, or simply as a photo backdrop for large groups of people.

Our flower walls are extremely popular at weddings, and make a huge impact on a room, not only with their unique style, but also with the comments from guests and venues where we have installed it.

Flower wall hire

As the flower wall is versatile, it can be transported easily and set up on site by one of our team ready for you. Due to its popularity, the flower walls have been used at a wide range of events from product launches, TV filming, corporate events and shop openings. Companies such as AVON, Miss Selfridge and ITVBe to name a few, have all hired our flower walls for their events, and we continue to work closely with wedding planners of which have clients that fall in love with them.

flower walls cheshire

Based in South Manchester, we cover everywhere in the North West, but are now finding that we are constantly asked to work further afield to install the flower walls at numerous venues.

If you are looking for that extra special touch to your wedding or event, contact us at with the size of flower wall required, date and venue of the event. We will then be able to provide you with a fully detailed quote for your requirements.

Carden Park Events

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At Woodyatt Warner we are often tasked to create spectacular designs and venue dressing, for many corporate clients looking to have something amazing to walk into, for their event. Whether it be a Christmas party, Summer Ball, Themed Event or just simply a chance to have the company employees come together for a night out, we are always bringing ideas to the table for each and every client.

Carden park venue dressers

Carden Park was the chosen venue for our latest corporate event with an emphasis on a “Midsummer Nights Dream” theme with lots of colour, striking floral displays, props, lighting and ivy covered walkways and gazebos built on site around the room.

With all events we take pride in working closely with our clients throughout the year. Each and every one is unique, so we put together ideas and suggestions on how to bring their theme to life.

The process we go through from start to finish takes an extensive amount of time, but as one of the North West’s leading venue dressing companies, this is what we love to do. Having that creative freedom to allow us to design and decorate venues enables us to constantly bring new and innovative styles to each and every event.

venue dressers cheshire

With over 50 floral displays in a variety of styles, an emphasis was to add in lots of bright colour to the room. Each of the tables were decorated with luxurious crushed velvet table cloths in a Hunter Green and Deep Plum colour. By then adding gold charger plates, and a huge amount of flowers and candles, each table was slightly different but equally as impressive.

The entrance to the Carden Suite was surrounded with a framework that we built on site, then covered in ivy, wisteria and roses, with festoon lights draped all over it to add some special lighting upon entry. By having an abundance of candelabras, floral displays, pillar candles and a completely bespoke grass aisle carpet, walking into the Carden Suite was the start of the nights entertainment.

Themed events cheshire

Carden Park is one of our main venues we supply décor to, having done numerous weddings and events in both the Carden Suite and Shooting Lodge over the years and plenty more booked in over the next few months.

So if you are looking for a professional and creative touch to your event, contact us at

The West Tower Weddings

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Woodyatt Warner venue dressers were hired to decorate the stunning West Tower in Aughton for the wedding of Victoria and Tony.

This venue is a romantic hideaway set in the Lancashire countryside and is dedicated solely for weddings. Built in 1885 as a family home, the West Tower can be exclusively yours for the wedding of your dreams. Licensed for civil ceremonies, there is the ability to hold the ceremony either indoors in the elegant Ballroom, or if the weather is on your side, why not make use of the sprawling gardens and pagoda to exchange your vows?

venue dressers west tower

To add to the exclusive hire of the venue, there are also 19 bedrooms located in the grounds that are suitable for accommodating up to 45 guests, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding local hotels or guest houses to get to at the end of the night.

As one of the North West’s leading wedding venue dressing companies, Woodyatt Warner were hired by the Bride and Groom to create something special. Victoria chose to go with a ceremony inside and wanted us to dress the chairs with our dusky pink and ivory coloured ruffled chair cover hoods and to be finished off with a sparkly brooch. The aisle was then decorated with petals and cylinder vases containing pillar candles and small floral displays on the top.

wedding venue dressing

For the table centrepieces we created huge displays containing a range of foliage to include eucalyptus, ruscus and snowball sprays. By adding in a variety of roses, hydrangeas and peonies in white, ivory and shades of pink colours, the centrepieces matched the wedding colours. Due to the size of the displays, they were placed on sturdy glass vases able to hold the weight and hanging glass globes filled with candles were the attached to provide that romantic effect.

The top table was then decorated with a full length thick floral garland using the same flowers with special lighting effects built into it so as to add the WOW factor. Combined with surrounding glass stemmed vases, cylinder vases and crystal candle holders each filled with pillar candles, the finished design was beautiful.

wedding centrepiece hire

Working all across the North West and beyond has brought us to some exceptional venues, and the West Tower is up there with the best.

For details on how we can transform your wedding day into the most memorable day of your life, contact us at

Venue Dressing

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Woodyatt Warner are a Cheshire based events company specialising in creating amazing weddings with our venue dressing service. Our latest wedding took us to an unusual venue where no weddings have been done before.

The Boathouse at Sale Water Park is famed for its elevated views from the windows in the restaurant of which overlook the lake filled with continuous water sports from sailing to Jet skis, canoeing and the occasional swimmer. Along with the scenery, you can enjoy fabulous food and a great selection of wines from the menu to ensure you have an enjoyable visit, whether it be during lunch or for an evening meal.

top table decoration

This particular wedding was very unique due to the nature of it being, the restaurant owners daughter, of whom was celebrating her special day. Sophie was particularly keen on having something very glitzy and glamorous, but also to incorporate the pink colours she had decided upon for the decoration and having seen our previous work, was delighted to find a very local trusted award winning supplier that could provide everything she wanted.

Having met Sophie at the venue, we discussed the ideas in mind and provided suggestions of our own as to how the room would look best from experience. With it being an unusual shape for a wedding reception, there were some elements that needed careful consideration, such as the location of the top table, where best to install the dance floor, lighting and star cloth draping, then to consider the space left available to bring in the tables for the guests, so as to have the best opportunity for the entire wedding party to feel an integral part of the wedding.

Sophie chose our elaborate crystal chandelier centrepieces that illuminate from the base to project lighting through the crystals, then to add a white rose and peony display to the top with the base surrounded with a ring of hydrangea heads. Having hired our white table cloths, there needed a touch of colour to the table, so we introduced the coloured napkins of which brings in the desired effect.

wedding venue dressing

The chairs were decorated with traditional covers and covered with pink hoods tied in the centre with a white rose to combine with the centrepiece displays.

We then decorated the top table in a silver sequin table cloth and covered the length of the table in a selection of silver vases, filled with scaled down versions of the floral centrepiece displays, crystal candle holders, fluted vases, cylinder vases and glass stemmed candle holders. All of which were filled with large and small candles.

Behind the top table we installed a white LED dance floor and surrounded it with white star cloth twinkling drapes with lights that were sequenced with the dance floor.

The up lighting was placed along the lower floor walls to create an atmospheric effect that changes throughout the day and really comes into its own during the evening when the lights really change the overall effect of the room.

As one of the North West’s leading wedding companies, Woodyatt Warner are often challenged to dress the most bizarre and unusual venues. Having a huge amount of experience working at hundreds of venues across Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Liverpool, Merseyside and further afield, we are more than capable of providing something completely special and unique for your wedding or event.

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Oddfellows on the Park Weddings

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Oddfellows on the Park is the newest addition to the Oddfellows family. Situated in the vast grounds of Bruntwood Park, there is no setting quite like Oddfellows On The Park. You will enjoy beautiful views of mature parkland from every room and be able to step outside to the magical acres of park.

As one of the North West’s leading wedding suppliers, Cheshire venue dressers Woodyatt Warner are the preferred suppliers for all your requirements at Oddfellows on the Park. Having an excellent relationship with the staff and management at Oddfellows, you can rest assured every minor detail of your wedding décor will be just as you envisaged.

The very first wedding at Oddfellows was a happy day for Beth and Darren as they enjoyed their special day in a brand new wedding venue. Going away from the traditional long top table, Beth decided to keep everything the same using round tables instead. From the pictures you can see the layout of the room and the décor involved to create a perfect setting.

venue dressers cheshire
All Brides and Grooms receive a unique wedding planning service as no two weddings are the same and no-one else will get married on your special day.  The venue is fully licensed for weddings and civil ceremonies so your entire wedding can take place all under the one roof. You’ll enjoy full use of the The Parlor Rooms situated on the ground floor with stunning views to the park, an ideal location where your wedding ceremony can take place. Then relax with reception drinks in the adjacent private bar and an outside terrace to mingle.  Civil ceremonies and private dining for up to 60 guests and parties for 100.

For information on how we can dress your venue, contact us at for details.

Crowne Plaza Liverpool Venue Dressing

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With an abundance of wedding venues in Liverpool, Woodyatt Warner venue dressers were working at the Crowne Plaza in Speke Liverpool. The hotel is conveniently situated next to the airport and all major road links and is a great venue for any wedding or event, with suites available to accommodate large numbers of guests.

centrepiece hire cheshire

For this wedding we were asked to make huge floral displays in mainly creams, and white with greenery to compliment  the neutral colours. An abundance of hydrangeas, roses and peonies were used to create these amazing centrepieces.

Having large displays fills the room much better and certainly provides much more of the WOW factor. As they stand on vases that raise the flowers well above the eye line when seated, they don’t obstruct the view across the table. Also, neutral colours work with any style and can easily be incorporated into any wedding set up.

venue dressers liverpool

As one of the North West’s leading wedding venue dressing companies, Woodyatt Warner cover a wide variety of venues from Hotels, Village Halls, Converted Barns, Castles, Marquees, Sports Stadiums etc. so we have pretty much seen it all, and can help you along your way with ideas and inspiration as to what works and what doesn’t.

For information on how we can dress your wedding venue, contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.