Winter Wedding

Whilst many Brides will opt for a summer wedding in the UK with the hope that the ever unpredictable weather will turn out nice for their big day, many Brides are now looking at other options and a Winter wedding has become more and more popular of the last few years.

Winter Wedding venue

As award-winning venue dressers, Woodyatt Warner have visited many venues across the North West to provide wedding venue dressing for couples on their wedding day. Every wedding is different and winter weddings can often be more exciting than summer ones as ideas and colour schemes are completely different.

Instead of the warm sunshine, and backdrops of lush green gardens overflowing with an abundance of bright coloured flowers, accompanied by the sound of birds, a Winter wedding can provide you with a mystical and enchanted day. Imagine a thick blanket of untouched snow-covered gardens to make the first impressions in. Add to this, the low sun which adds to the glistening of the icicles hanging from the trees and buildings. All of which make for a beautiful setting for your wedding photos.

December weddings are now just as expensive as July/August weddings as there is such a demand for venue hire at this time of year, but if you look around enough, there are some gems available for your wedding day.

Enjoy your wedding breakfast at a stately home in front of an open roaring fireplace, with all your guests surrounding you. Generally you will find stately homes very accommodating and they tend to have huge grounds available for some quite beautiful wedding photos, snowball fights and snowman building!

Just remember to bring a shovel with you to be able to get out in the morning!

For more information on how we can make your venue special, for your wedding day, contact for details.

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