Winter Themed Wedding

As the snow falls for the start of the new year, it may be time for all you Brides wanting a Winter wedding to start considering the options available for the venue dressing at your wedding. There are an abundance of ideas and options to create something unique and exciting for your big day. The big decision is where do you start?

venue dressing for winter weddings

That is where you seriously have to consider hiring a highly experienced venue dressing company. Setting up a venue on the day of a wedding can take the best part of the entire morning depending on the complexity of the theme. As Award Winning wedding venue dressers, Woodyatt Warner have all the knowledge and expertise at our disposal having created some stunning weddings previously.

This luxurious idea from the “Lifestyle Channel” are pictured below:

wedding venue dressing

What better way to combine the white background of snow-covered fields and buildings than to have a beautifully dressed venue with neutral coloured flowers with a hint of green foliage or if you wanted to go all the way with a Winter theme, why not incorporate some dazzling crystal centerpieces, silver sequin table linen and huge silver birch trees? Another way to capture the winter setting is to add lighting. This will enhance the atmosphere in the room whether its candles or up lighting. Either way will bring something special!

However you decide to have your venue dressed, we will ensure you can relax and have your time before the wedding, knowing that you have a professional team creating the wedding of your dreams.

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