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National and regional multi award winning Cheshire based wedding venue dressers, Woodyatt Warner,  travel all over the North West and beyond styling and dressing wedding venues for happy couples on their special day. Our ideas and knowledge of producing stunning venue dressing has been recognised by “The National Wedding Industry” as one of the best venue dressers in the UK.

Wedding Awards Woodyatt Warner venue dressers

Venue dressers cheshire

We have covered numerous venues across the North West and continue to create spectacular settings at every new venue we work at by contacting the venue and gaining as much knowledge as we can so as to be able to provide you with as much information as possible.

Everything from full room measurements, style of chairs used, size of tables and much much more is taken into account, so as to be able to provide you with the best suggestions possible. We don’t do things by half. Every little detail is considered so you can be assured your wedding day will be a day to remember, not just for you, but for all your guests!

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