Wedding Costs Rising

To start our wedding blog for the day, we are concentrating on the ever increasing costs of weddings.

Any groom will know that there are some  things you just don’t mention to a stressed-out bride. And it seems one of them is the grim state of the  economy. For while most of us are tightening our  belts, brides are spending more and more on their big day.

Imperial Laundaulette

The average cost of a wedding is now £21,939,  research has found – an increase of more than £7,000 in a decade, and 14 per  cent in the past three years. In 2003 the bill for the big day was £14,643,  rising to £18,781 in 2006 and £19,265 in 2009.

But while weddings are becoming more lavish,  they are also becoming more intimate. Since 2009 the number of guests has fallen  by 7 per cent, dropping from 101 to 94 last year. It means the average spend per  guest has gone up by more than a fifth, from £191 in 2009 to £233 three years  later.

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