Wedding Centrepieces

Woodyatt Warner venue dressers specialize in creating stunning table centrepieces for weddings and events. We cover all over the North West and beyond, providing our venue dressing service to happy couples on their big day.

Every wedding is unique and different, so we take your style into account when giving you ideas as to what works best on your tables to keep the theme running throughout.

Our brides often ask us to make bespoke centrepieces for their own wedding, of which we are more than happy to do, as this allows us to show our creative side. However, we have an abundance of centrepieces that we can simply add to your tables that we have in stock ready to go. Everyone has their own style and theme, so whether you are going for the weird and wacky, neutral yet elegant, or bright and vibrant, we have everything for you.

These are just a few of the centrepieces we have created for weddings and events. If you have ideas of your own and wish to ask us to create them, by all means contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.

~ by admin on November 9, 2020.