New Wedding Trends

The new year promises some exciting new trends for the wedding season and Woodyatt Warner venue dressers are always staying in touch with the ever increasing demand, providing special touches for your wedding day.

With 2017 just around the corner, the best time to organise your venue decorations is now. The sooner you book one of the most essential things for your wedding the better as you will be guaranteed to have something that is completely unique and very rarely seen.

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We have seen elaborate top tables designed with all manor of decorations from candles, floral displays, an abundance of vases and much more. At Woodyatt Warner we innovate and create different ways of not only impressing your guests, but by adding that effect that you will remember for the rest of your life and that is why we bring you the suspended top table display.

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The display can be hung from beams above the top table, or built from a framework over the table if there is nothing to attach the display to. By using this display it keeps the front of the top table clear so there is no blocking of the view across the room. It can also be built to any size with a wide variety of décor available to add into it to work with your colour scheme.

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