Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester’s Christmas Markets are a sight to behold, transforming much of the bustling city centre with their wooden chalets bursting with food, drink, fashions and gifts from around the world.

The main centre of the action is located in Albert Square with its huge European Markets, where an entire Alpine village is constructed under the watchful eye of the Town Hall’s giant illuminated Father Christmas. With countless rows upon rows of stalls selling everything from continental style cheeses to Christmas trees, bratwursts to hot crepes and hats and scarves to hand made chocolates, Albert Square is a great place to pick up a quirky festive gift for anyone.

And of course, we must not forget, it is home to the all important German beer tents. Selling all manor of continental lagers, hot mulled wine, and an array of festive food to the weary shoppers, workers and visitors alike.

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~ by admin on November 23, 2011.