The Most Stunning and Remarkable Projection Images

Projection images are a great way to bring the WOW factor to your event. Woodyatt Warner venue dressers have one of the best projectors on the market. The gobo projection images are made by machine etching onto glass and placing into the projector. With an extremely powerful bright light shining through the etching, it projects the image or words onto any surface. This can be up to twenty five metres away providing a crystal clear look. the image can be a maximum overall image size of eight by eight metres.

projection images

This provides a unique style, and will be a major talking point for all your guests. Imagine taking your vows at your wedding with your names projected above you and illuminated with up lighting to match the colour scheme of your wedding, or even have your company name projected onto a wall at your Awards Ceremony, or Xmas party?

projection images

The possibilities are endless and there are hundreds of standard images available, or simply customize your own.

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