Exquisite Wedding Venue Dressing

Your wedding day is without doubt one of the most special occasions in your life. At Woodyatt Warner, we understand that every wedding is different and unique to the Bride and Groom. As an Award Winning wedding company, we have been on hand to provide some spectacular settings for weddings across the North West. Our standards are very high and we design and style your venue dressing to the smallest specification. Our wedding equipment is of the highest quality and we don’t supply cheap variants from overseas.

The majority of chair covers on the market are made from cheap cotton and nylon fabrics, stitched with an overlock hem. After a few washes these chair covers become misshapen and the stitching will come apart. Again, with lycra chair covers, imports from China are made from a thin lycra that will rip and sag after a few uses. These chair covers are quite easily recognisable from high quality chair covers.

Our chair covers are made from a bi-stretch cotton fabric that can withstand over 100 washes without ruining the shape and are double stitched from the inside, removing any unsightly threads. The lycra chair covers are made from a 40% thicker and more durable lycra from the UK, that will fit virtually any banqueting chair.

If you want a more luxurious wedding chair cover, our satin style covers are perfect to bring that wow factor to your wedding. They can be used in many ways with the most common use as tie backs, allowing the knot to be decorated with flowers, buckles and many more items. To see our chair covers, click here

As we have designed many weddings with excellent results and continue to work closely with only the best fabrics, you are guaranteed the highest quality. This is something we will always provide so you know that second best is not an option.

For further details on our venue dressing, contact info@woodyattwarner.com

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