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Woodyatt Warner were at Carden Park again to dress the Carden Suite for Emma’s big day. As one of Cheshire’s leading wedding venue dressers, we find “Brides to be” are contacting us to create something special for their wedding after seeing the work we have done previously.

With a choice of either the larger modern Carden Suite, or the smaller Shooting Lodge with its wooden beam ceiling, there is a complete contrast of styles to choose from.

carden park weddings

Emma decided upon the Carden Suite for her wedding reception and met us at a previous wedding we were doing in the same room a year before to go through her ideas and colour schemes. The decision was to include slight touches of teal colours into the wedding without it being too overpowering.

By softening up the look of the chair covers with our ivory ruffled hoods and finishing them off with a teal rose, they brought about different style rather than the standard bows. The centrepiece displays included a mixture of ivory and teal roses, peonies and lily’s in a large amount of mixed foliage and were placed upon two different style centrepieces  of which were crystal chandeliers and tall silver style stemmed stands.

wedding venue dressing

By doing this, it created a slightly different look to the room rather than having every table looking the same.

The top table was then covered in a silver sequin table cloth and fully decorated from one end to the other with a selection of large and small pillar candles in a variety of vases and crystal candle holders. Small votives filled with teal roses were included to bring in the colour of the wedding to the table to finish it off.

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