2017 Weddings

Woodyatt Warner venue dressers would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. 2017 promises to bring some great weddings and events throughout the year with all varying styles and themes.

As we move on from a busy 2016, this is the best time to start planning your big day, even if you aren’t getting married for another year or two, as suppliers get booked up well in advance, especially for those summer weddings where available dates are few and far between.

Starting early also allows you to search for ideas and inspiration as to what you would like to have for your wedding. The basics such as colour schemes, dresses, flowers etc. all come into fashion and go out very quickly. If you have your heart set upon something it makes the whole process much easier compared to trying to find something that will be fashionable and trendy at the relevant time if you are not getting married for an other 2 years.

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2016 saw a wide range of styles for the venue dressing, from subtle and elegant neutrals, to the wild and outrageous bright and extravagant. Brides come to us with their ideas and we have years of knowledge to put this into real life for them to ensure their day is the most memorable of their life.

Draping walls in venues is another way of transforming a room into a wonderful setting as it creates a blank canvas to work with like the inside of a marquee. By having the blank canvas setting, any colour scheme works so you are not restricted. Many Brides come to us having booked their venue with their vision for how they want the venue dressing to look without taking into account the décor at the venue.

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Venues such as Stately Homes and Hotels are decorated suitably for their requirements so you may find the rooms have things such as large paintings, ornaments, patterned carpets and stripy wall paper that really wouldn’t create the effect desired when combined with your chosen styling. That’s why draping walls and ceilings immediately changes everything in your favour and can be an inexpensive was of allowing you to have exactly what you have your heart set on.

Having such a huge amount of experience in dressing venues all over the North West and beyond, Woodyatt Warner can provide you with the best service, reliability and inspiration. For details on how we can help you, contact us at info@woodyattwarner.com

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